Alexander S. White's book dedicated to the DMC-LX3 is on sale! You can Get it here

NOTE: book by Alexander S. White


Rob said...

An OK book, but disposable - more like an extended version of the owners' manual than a true photographers guide. I guess I was expecting more.

Eduardo Baroni said...

I agree with Rob. Just a manual with detailed features. Don´t expect tips on photography.

Ornella said...

Re: Panasonic DMC Lumix LX3
Hello everyone, new to here and hope you can help me. I have recently lost the outer ring to the lens, that is where you put the cap on. I am not sure how it came off but gone it is!. Can anyone tell me what it is actually called and where I can purchase one?
Hoping for bloggers help, please!
Happy Christmas to all,

James said...

Please somebody help.
I have recently uploaded the new 2.2 firmware for the LX3.
Unfortunately I now seem unable to use the 'autobracketing' function whilst shooting in manual mode.
Can anyone offer me help/advice?
I dont understand why it has sropped working. I can still use it in P mode and is Aperture priority. I am confused to why I cannot shoot using bracketing in manaul mode