LX3 VS S90

After more than one year we finaly see the first real competition to the LX3. Canon's S90 seams to be a serious camera, integrating one feature that was highy demanded in our LX3 poll, the manual focus ring. What we can see is that Canon really got inspired by the LX3!
Neutralday.com published a comparaison article between the Canon S90 and the Panasonic LX3. You can check it out at neutralday.com

Note: images by neutralday.com


Chris said...

It will be interesting to see how they actually compare image-wise once the S90 ships. The lack of hot shoe is not deal breaker for me and I'd certainly like more reach than my LX3 has. Can't wait to see how the images look.

Enche Tjin said...

Interesting! I just wrote the grand battle of this two cameras here: