Note: Tutorial by Nico

Take 2 plastic straps (10mm large) and cut out the side parts to get that triangle element. Use super strong glue and stick the 3 elements on the cap as shown on the photographs. Wait one hour. Then try it out.

This is a DIY tutorial. The lx3-photography blog is not responsible for any potential damage this manipulation could result to. Always be very careful
with your gear.


Kjell said...

I´m sure this is a very good tutorial, but please: write some comments in English!

Thank you!

/Kjell in Sweden
(my school-French isn´t good enough.......)

donmcmahan said...

I would say that the pictures say it all. Kjell if you have any french you've got me beat and i can work out what to do. i have seen some much less elegant solutions some involving double-backed tape, this one looks very nice indeed, just be sure to let the superglue dry completely before bringing it any where near your lens.

Victor said...

Are you sure it doesn't appear on the image when shooting at 24mm?

Colin said...

No it doesn't, but I just found that if you use the built-in flash, the flap may block part of the light, so be sure to turn the cap to the right angle to avoid it.

TBA said...

Here's Google Translate's take on it:

Take two plastic ties 10 mm wide (radius electricity Casto, Leroy-Merlin, etc.) to pick up three blanks triangle.

Cut the elements to keep only small triangles (it only remains a triangle, the other has already been recovered)

Recover triangles and has the power Sader Mega Strong glue (extra strong for plastic, and moisture resistant.) Place triangles on a field in the center of the component as present in the photo above .. Let dry 1 hour.

morton said...

this seems like a much more substantial fix , but i was
able to use pieces cut from black foam single sticky
sided door insulation to accomplish the same result .
the lens cap was purchased on ebay from a chinese
source who said their factory had no remedy for the
vignetting ?